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Simplify compliance and inspections with Perago's expert network.

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Perago has an extensive network of inspectors in California.

Our mission is to empower a new era of construction inspection where efficiency and compliance seamlessly meet.



Ensuring facilities comply with regulatory requirements. These inspections align with standards set by HCAI, the California Department of Health Care Access and Information (formerly OSHPD).


Focusing on building safety and code compliance for facilities undergoing construction, renovation, or occupancy changes. Inspectors verify the facility meets all the requirements set by the California Division of State Architect (DSA).


Addressing specialized inspections. These could involve various areas like international building codes (ICC), welding (AWS), concrete (ACI), firestopping (IFC), medical gas (NITC), and more.


Providing QA/QC services to safeguard project quality. QA protects the owner's interests and ensures compliance while QC inspects, tests, and collaborates with contractors to meet quality goals.


Optimizing projects from the start, our experts assess constructibility, estimate costs precisely, and craft realistic schedules. They ensure compliance and identify risks before they become problems.


Offering broader project management and consulting services for construction projects based on our networks expertise.

We speak the language of construction — across industries.

For generations, the construction industry has relied on antiquated inspection methods, leaving room for delays, compliance issues, and budget overruns. But the industry has evolved, and so have we.


We bring decades of combined experience across diverse construction sectors, from healthcare and education to commercial and industrial projects. We understand the unique challenges and regulations of each domain, allowing us to tailor our approach and deliver unparalleled value.


We're not just inspectors; we're industry partners. We've walked in your shoes, faced your challenges, and learned the nuances of navigating the complexities of different construction environments.

Whether you're building a hospital, lab, school, data center, or anything in between, we have the experience, expertise, and passion to guide your project towards success. Let us help you revolutionize the way construction inspections are done.

Ready to expand your career?

Step into diverse, high-impact inspections. Join our network and gain access to a curated portfolio of projects across healthcare, education, commercial, and industrial sectors. We actively match your expertise, providing consistent work and meaningful contributions. Focus on delivering exceptional inspections, while we handle the logistics. Enjoy a collaborative environment, flexible schedule, and competitive compensation.

Do you have a project that requires inspection?

Frustrated with outdated inspections delaying your project? We get it. We revolutionize construction inspections by combining decades of industry experience across diverse sectors with modern technology and a collaborative approach. Say goodbye to missed deadlines and compliance headaches. We ensure quality, efficiency, and on-time completion, building trust and revolutionizing inspections, project by project.

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